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AnC Links

Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Braindead (zine)

Dead Awaken
Princess Army Wedding Combat
Primitive Lungs

Sean makes pins also. Really. For sure.
Sean is a realtor also. For real. Really.
Sean is also a hockey player in the NHL. Awesomely really true. And he gets in lots of fights!
Sean also was in Walker Texas Ranger! Weird!
John is at Ohio state university.
And he also made a whole fuckin' language! OH MY GOD!
John is much older than you think!!
And he's a Bishop as well! Wow John you're the man!
Justin is a country musician. For serious.
Justin is a quarter back! He's also plays hockey in the NHL! Exciting!
Justin goes to Columbia University and documents punk rock! Awesomely awesome!
Tom is not human. He's an arena! That's creepy.
Tom also teaches Physical Education! He's very fit you know.