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AnC Biography

The awesomeness originally spawned in the year 2001 under the guise of Mediocre Death, featuring Sean on vocals, John on drums, Steve and Popo on guitar, Fugu on bass, and Ramen on keys. One day while Sean was performing a dangerous science experiment, his intuitive nature for fucking up inevitably came into play and the resulting explosion killed everyone in the band except for John and Sean himself.

Reluctant to give up kicking serious ass, Sean (vocals, guitar) and John (drums) reformed the group as Anorexic Cannibals working harder, faster, and better than ever before thanks to new prosthetic technology stolen from a government science lab somewhere in London, Ontario. Time came and went and 2 demos were recorded. The first was titled "Art-Grind" and the second "Corpulent Coprophagist Corpses", both of which are still available. A live demo was recorded as well at the battle of the bands and titled "Live at Art School". 

Alas, but again, Sean's scientific genius combined with lack of caution caused another division in the band's history. While trying to reconstruct the flux capacitor from the Back to the Future movies, he wound up teleporting himself to the other side of the country. That's right, he landed in Vancouver, B.C. and arrived in a groggy and amnesiac state. Once memory began to resurface, Sean went to a bar known as The Brickyard, where he was greeted by one drunk son-of-a-bitch named Justin, and as Sean is also a psychic (seriously), he could read the potential within this man and Anorexic Cannibals was then born again.

Since then newer and more productive material has made it's way to the band, as well as the construction of a titanium steel robot with the ability to play up to 100,000 beats per minute. While programmed by Sean, the robot is often controlled by Tom during live situations for the time being. Now with this inhuman line-up we await only the public demonstration of the band's new power and a demo has already made it to the list entitled "Raw as Hell". Another demo is under construction at the time and a studio album (or split) is scheduled for composition in the near future.

The time has come bitches!