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We've got 3 songs on, it's kind of like Check it out. Here's a link. THIS THING HERE

A song off the "Corpulent Coprophagist Corpses" demo.

Some new instrumental drum machine demos. Justin is the new ANc West singer and he's much better than me, so these tracks will have great vocals at some point. This is just to show you what it will sound like.

Songs from the utterly failed (by us) split 7" with the Italian grindcore band 2 Minuta Dreka! These don't really sound like our normal set. To download right click and hit 'save target as'. Otherwise it will open in your default mp3 player. By the way, there's plenty more where this came from. song 2
song 5
song 6

And here's our only live show with the original lineup (John/Sean), cut short by emo morons at a fixed battle of the bands. This is 14 minutes in 1.15 megs in Real Audio. Yeah Real sux. But I only have so much space on here. Email me for a FREE! THAT IS RIGHT ITS FUCKING FREE mp3 of the whole show. With banter and BS it's just over 15 mins, but i cut that shit for you. Some songs really sloppy cause emo morons were on the mix table. The emo band who also won had perfect sound. Whatever. Same deal, save target as, or just click and open real player.

Live At Art School

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