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Links to finks (chris dodge gip)

Go to these sites. Die.

Princess Army Wedding Combat - Cybergrind electro noise. With anime. Wierd.

Braindead - Gore and grindcore webzine. Tons of mp3 files, links to mp3 files, tons of reviews, interviews, lyrics, everything imaginable. This is a truly awesome site.

Cryptopsy - What the hell is wrong with this band? How can they possibly be so good? They are not human. For those not in-the-know-im-real-cool they are death metal/grindcore at its best... and they're from Montreal!

Sean makes pins also. Really. For sure.

Sean is a realtor also. For real. Really.

Sean is also a hockey player in the NHL. Awesomely really true. And I get in lots of fights!

Sean also was in Walker Texas Ranger! Wierd!

John is a at Ohio state university.

And he also made a whole fuckin language! OH MY GOD!

John is much older than you think!!

And he's a Bishop as well! Wow John you're the man!

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