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We started in 2000 as a 5-piece jam band doing post-rock and we all sat around half drunk and watched

"slayer" Steve and "Popo" shred. There are some jams recorded from that era if you guys really want it. 2 songs still exist from that time; Mediocre Death and The Great Smurf-Viking Battle Of 1642. Well, that kind of fell apart and Sean "Scrags" with John "John" made Anorexic Cannibals a 2-piece grindcore/metal outfit. We made 2 demos. Art Grind is the first one, a collection of material from 2002 and 2003. It's all real rough. Well, mostly. It's pretty cool if you like terrible garage music. Anyway, the second demo is called Corpulent Coprophagist Corpses and it's all our current material. Awesome. And we do a punk band called Beer with Dean on guitar. And we just played the battle of the bands at Beal. It's recorded. They fucked up our sound levels, probably on purpose, but we were a ball of grind fury anyway.

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